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East Peoria, Ill. has been asked to be the invited sponsor of the DTF area of the Hands-on Apparel Training Zone at the Printing United Expo, to be held October 19-21, 2022, in Las Vegas. Matt Gusse, the founder who has worked several “training zones” at shows throughout the years, says the company was invited to be a sponsor because of its good track record in the past of providing a non-aggressive approach to the educational experience that others may be lacking if the “zones” are wrongly used as a selling experience.

“The concept of the Apparel Zone is that it’s intended to be a very educational, hands-on approach,” Gusse says. “It’s made up of several areas covering all the apparel decorating processes, and I am in charge of the DTF portion. We will be working alongside sponsors Kodak and EFI.”

“We will be running CADlink Digital factory RIP software and have CADlink and Kodak personnel who will be working with us,” he adds. “We’ll be running Kodak’s new Kodacolor consumable solutions so we’ll be using their film, ink and powder on our MACH IV branded machine. We want the attendees to move everything from the keyboard to applying the transfer; scratch, sniff, feel and maybe even go through some of the maintenance stuff on the equipment. We’re there to teach and answer any questions attendees may have.”

In this specific hands-on, micro-factory experience, is showcasing an all-inclusive printing and cutting solution — the first time in North America that decorators will see a printing and finishing solution for DTF transfers, Gusse says. “We’re bringing a DTF printer and brand-new laser that will be running printed transfers in line to show an automated cutting solution because the Printing United crowd typically is made up of volume decorators…. The commercial printer the company is bringing is branded as the MACH IV printer because of its speed and the fact that it prints with four heads. It’s a four-foot machine paired with the laser so we can print wide and cut wide,” he says.

The Hands-on Apparel Training Zone is located in the Central Hall in booth C8915.’s exhibit booth also is located in the Central Hall in C11212. is a premier provider of direct-to-film solutions and services for the textile, promotional products, printers, sign and display industries. The company offers efficient DTF equipment that it has researched and tested to ensure the products offered are reliable and productive for its customers. Its mission is to ensure decorators’ businesses succeed while earning loyalty by providing expert advice, quality products, outstanding customer along with transparency & consistency to this space. service. is headquartered in East Peoria, Ill., and has a satellite office in Lakeland, Fla. Visit the company’s website at